Put Your Best Photograph Forward

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We live in a visual information world. If you doubt it, just take a look at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. What does that mean for the communications professional? What does it mean for the business person? In both cases, telling a story will mean more than words. You will need to think about graphics, photography or video to make your content stickier. And that visual component needs to advance or illustrate the written word. Generally speaking, graphics are great for making numbers and statistics more approachable, video is perfect for showing how to do something or creating a mood … Read More

Why Staying Relevant Is More About Consistency Than Change

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MP&F partner Keith Miles serves as a professional adviser for the PRSSA and, through this, is given the opportunity to share his knowledge with the next generation of PR practitioners. He recently wrote a blog post about the importance of maintaining a curiosity about the world and the importance of relationship building. It first appeared on the PRSA blog PRSay. Read Keith’s entire post below.   With all the talk lately about changes in how our clients communicate with audiences – disruptive technologies, innovation, shifting consumer habits – certain key aspects of the PR profession have remained constant. We still use many of the same … Read More

NashvilleNext receives national planning award

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At the risk of being a little boastful, we’ve had a pretty good run over here with awards lately. Our Kirkland’s work picked up Best of Show at this year’s PRSA Nashville Parthenon awards, the second straight year we’ve brought home the prize. Add to that our Imperial bottle-level awards for Red White and Food, including our sixth national Silver Anvil Award, and we have been enjoying the most success in our company’s 29-year history. But as much fun as it is to win awards, it’s just as exciting to see our clients hit the top of their fields through … Read More