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Leveraging a college football dynasty to build something completely new

Branding, creative, media outreach
Saban Center

Saban Center is a new interactive hub for education, arts and recreation in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Led by Nick and Terry Saban, the center has a goal of helping educators learn about cutting-edge advancements in STEM and the arts education and to provide a space where children can learn, explore and discover the world around them.

Together we’ve helped announce and roll out each new step in its vision, funding cycles and development plan.

But it all started with a branding suite.
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Three logos designed to bring the Sabans’ vision to life.
Saban Center: By definition, a circle is closed. A center, on the other hand, is open. Open to wisdom. Open to knowledge. Open to everything. Open to everyone. This was our guiding inspiration in the design for Saban Center.
Ignite: Formerly known as the Children’s Hands-On Museum, Ignite will be joining Saban Center and will spark a pursuit of knowledge for children of all ages.
Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre: Similarly, the theater will also be moving to Saban Center, and so it joins the dynamic brand identity system. In this case, we drew inspiration from the sky-painted ceilings of historic theaters and paid tribute to the theater’s previous logo by incorporating their iconic red curtains.

“The most life-changing achievement is getting an education.”

– Coach Nick Saban

Although the final phase is expected to be complete in 2027, our communications strategy has momentum to keep the center top-of-mind among local audiences, reaching prominent local outlets such as Tuscaloosa News and Tuscaloosa Thread.
Complete with a comprehensive social media plan, paid media in the form of billboards, fence wraps and other out-of-home placements, MP&F has prepared the center for success along its development journey.
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