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Building a brand that’s out of this world


In the white-hot cannabis sector, Roam wanted to stand apart in a sea of seltzers that primarily used white cans and floating fruit.

The sparkling Hemp-based and THC-infused drink came to MP&F seeking branding, packaging design and a full launch plan through earned, owned and paid efforts.

We looked to outer space and sought inspiration from the mystery and intrigue of the unknown. The drink is alcohol free yet delivers a gentle buzz with no hangover. So maybe it’s the best of both worlds, this one and the other one from which it came.

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In an emerging and complex industry, brand storytelling is significantly more important to reach your audience.

Our plan worked to create a holistic approach and spanned product design, social media, point of sale and promotional materials.

We built a website bringing all of that strategy together in one place – and with easter eggs for fans of the brand. Users were able to interact with morse code that led to promotional coupons.

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The product footprint has grown from eight distribution points to now 122 stores across the country.

The effort has brought home a Graphic Design USA award for packaging design as well as AAF Addy awards for the campaign.