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A higher-ed campaign unlike any other

Integrated campaign
Four The Future

Nationwide, colleges and universities are experiencing declines in enrollment, driven in part by the pandemic.

In Tennessee, we’re working to change that.

Not only do college graduates have statistically higher lifetime earning potential, broader networks and connections, and fewer chronic health issues, but the benefits of a four-year degree also extend far beyond one individual and have a lasting impact on their community.

In a first-ever initiative, 10 public universities across Tennessee joined forces to promote the value of a four-year degree.

The effort is all in support of strengthening communities by preparing Tennesseans for the careers of the future.

The main message?

Whether you work in education, medicine, agriculture or another sector, you make a difference in your community. Four the Future wants Tennessee residents to get their four-year degrees and help build a brighter future for themselves and the state.


Four the Future launched in late 2023, reaching all corners of the state. Launch efforts resulted in numerous pieces of coverage estimating an audience of millions.

Early results are showing increased interest and engagement. All signs point toward increased applications come fall 2024. 

  • 34 pieces of coverage, including in The Tennessean, MSN, Axios Nashville and the Nashville Ledger
  • More than 8 million impressions on YouTube
  • More than 5,000 attributed engagements via streaming services
  • Facebook and LinkedIn click-through rates of more than double the industry average for those platforms
  • Engagement from leaders at every Chamber of Commerce in the state
Through broadcast, digital and out-of-home placements – as well as a comprehensive public relations strategy – the integrated campaign is working to tout the value of a four-year college education.

"From Memphis to Mountain City, one of the hallmarks of Tennessee has always been our strong higher-education system, and this is an investment in our state.”

- UT System President Randy Boyd