Nashville – the home of country music, cowboy boots and the Grand Ole Opry. For most Nashvillians, country music becomes a part of life. If you’re a native, you can probably give personal tours of the Ryman, point out at least three friends who are extras on “Nashville,” and tell me where Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman recently had lunch. At MP&F, we love embracing all things Nashville, including our country music. Maybe it was the recent CMAs or the social media calendars I’ve been working on, but I’ve discovered country music has more to teach me than a lesson on finding true love or spending a summer night (anyone ready for that “hot July moon,” or is that just me?). Don’t get me wrong – I love a good summer party with Carrie Underwood playing in the background. But, next time I choose the “Very Nearly Nashville” playlist on Spotify, I’ll think about these three social media lessons:

  1.      “You gotta dig your roots” – Florida Georgia Line

One thing country music is known for is getting back to its roots. Artists aren’t afraid to embrace their hometown – even if it had only one stoplight. Confidence in where you came from and who you are is also key in social media marketing. In a digital world saturated with marketing and subject to comparisons, sharing YOUR unique brand is vital. Create a brand and stick to it. At MP&F, we recently changed our Instagram strategy to reflect our company culture, our brand.

  1.     “It’s my kinda party” – Jason Aldean

Another thing country music is known for is parties. From the CMA Fest to concert tailgates, country artists know how to have fun. Channel that vibe when you approach social media. Make it approachable, and make it fun. Because consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and information, your social media presence must be exciting and accessible to stand out. Make your audience feel at home; hospitality is the Southern say, right? MP&F uses the power of digital influencers to create campaigns for our clients that catch the audience’s attention. In a recent campaign for client Opry Mills, we partnered with local bloggers on Instagram to engage local followers. Like a country song, we made it fun but kept it simple.

  1.      “I need you now” – Lady Antebellum

Most importantly, you need followers. Don’t let those “picture-perfect memories” from networking events be just memories. Follow peers, clients and influencers to build your own following. Then engage; social media is not a one-way street. Recently, a mentor at MP&F shared the Platinum Rule, “Treat others the way they want to be treated.” This can apply to relationships and social media:

  • Understand your target audience
  • Listen when they speak up
  • Acknowledge others across platforms
  • Share their content

Engaging your audience while maintaining a strong sense of brand is key to social media strategy. At MP&F, we measure social engagement for clients to keep the brand relevant. Analytics helps measure results, discovers what posts perform well and identifies relevant content. The good news is you don’t need special software to track this type of data. Most social media platforms provide analytical reports, complete with everything you need to understand your audience.

So, next time you start scheduling this month’s tweets or creating a social media calendar, turn on some music and remember that social media marketing can be as simple (and fun!) as a country song.