Startup Core10 To Put Nashville Tech Talent at the Center of Global Fintech Boom

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Core10Core10, a full-service financial technology, or fintech, software solutions provider, has opened offices in Nashville, Tenn. An outgrowth of 8-year-old Nashville-based IT outsourcing firm Synergy Systems, LLC, Core10 will offer senior Nashville technology talent the opportunity to shape the emerging financial technology sector, which exceeded $22 billion in global investment in 2015.

Core10 is a pioneer of the new “hereshoring” business model (in contrast to offshoring),  which connects cutting-edge technology firms in major metropolitan areas with dedicated teams of technology workers in smaller U.S. cities. While many businesses look to move or contract their technology needs well outside the U.S., “hereshoring” looks inward, streamlining communication and logistics while keeping jobs and revenue from leaving the country.

“I spent the last two decades connecting technology talent in Middle Tennessee with companies that need their skills,” said Jeff Martin, co-founder and CEO of Core10. “With our new venture, my partner Lee Farabaugh and our board adviser Joe Maxwell wanted to give that talent – and my hometown – an opportunity to play a pioneering role in the next big wave of innovation.”

“Core10 is doing one of my favorite things: solving multiple problems at once by connecting what’s already there,” said Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, founder of LaunchCode and Core10 adviser. “To start, they know there’s a shortage of opportunities for technologists in certain geographic areas. So they’re helping those folks partner with value-focused tech companies that need reliable talent but can’t find it domestically. Everybody wins – including the communities at the heart of some of our smaller and mid-sized cities.”

About Core10

Core10 is a 100 percent U.S.-based software development company that creates financial technology solutions for the banking, health care, insurance and retail verticals, among others. With offices in Huntington, W.Va., and Nashville, Tenn., Core10’s dedicated talent provides world-class outsourced technology expertise at a value without any of the headaches associated with offshoring. By hereshoring fintech software development, Core10 will both build the financial future and help the communities in America’s heartland thrive. To learn more about Core10, visit

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