The MP&F motto, “Do Great Work, Have Fun, Make Money,” has stuck with me since the first day of my internship here. Before beginning at MP&F, I studied its portfolio and I was extremely impressed with its clientele. On my first day, however, something different stuck out to me. The people. It was immediately evident that company culture is at the forefront at MP&F Public Relations. “Have Fun” is what MP&F does. With the everyday stresses that come with working at an agency, MP&F knows that developing an enjoyable company environment is critical.

I wondered how MP&F kept the energy in this setting moving. How is everyone so positive and inclusive? In my first few days as an intern, I got placed on the RAA-RAA committee. That is when it clicked. RAA-RAA is the oil that keeps the MP&F motor running.

RAA-RAA stands for “Retreats, Activities and Appearance.” The idea behind RAA-RAA is that the employees themselves get to help shape the atmosphere of their workplace. Companies have different ways they activate company culture. RAA-RAA is what makes MP&F culture work.

As an intern on the RAA-RAA committee, I have seen the time spent by individuals to make sure every holiday, birthday and achievement is celebrated. Employees are continually recognized and encouraged, and RAA-RAA makes sure the office is always in unity. It makes sense that MP&F does great work and makes money – they have fun.

Here are a few of my favorite things from RAA-RAA:

  • Ice cream sandwiches on a random midweek drinks cart
  • Being tasked to search the best price for a root beer keg
  • Finding a 30-foot-long sub sandwich to celebrate 30 years of MP&F
  • Walking a half mile with 30 pounds of cookie cake
  • The “Ponger” Games, the fight for the best pingpong player in the office
  • Framed “Flacker” newspaper front page filled with hilarious, made-up news stories honoring employee anniversaries
  • Christmas in July
  • Photoshoot with a catfish during the Stanley Cup
  • Birthday celebrations with Bomb Pops
  • Birthday emails filled with comical employee BuzzFeed quiz answers, fun facts and photos

I now see how much having a break every once in a while to celebrate a random holiday or throwing a midweek pizza party helps employees stay motivated. I understand the benefits of employee recognition and how gathering for retreat a couple a year creates a family at the office.

The environment of your workplace is critical. This is among the many reasons people stick around at MP&F.