MP&F Productions Presents ‘Ponger Games’

MP&F Productions Presents ‘Ponger Games’

By MP&F Staff

In a world where all graphic designers are exceptional pingpong players … one … is not. But, that’s not stopping him from diving into Nashville’s Ponger Games: an underground pingpong tournament where one second you’re the paddle … and the next second, you’re the ball.

Meet Greg Ellis. He’s got everything you would expect a young, big-city graphic designer to have: cool headphones, a tattoo, tight pants that are somehow also kind of baggy, an ironic hat and a sweet ride. Greg is hiding something from his fellow designers. He can’t pong. He can’t even ping.

Now, Greg needs help developing his pingpong skills before it’s too late. Before the local “It City” design community finds out that he’s a fraud. Where will he turn?

Meet Chad Raphael. He’s got everything you would expect a CFO to have: a calculator, spreadsheets, wife, three kids, nice house in the ʼburbs … he’s even got a pool with quality blow-up toys, not just the crappy ones you buy on the way to the beach and then throw away at the end of your vacation.

Can a Gen-X CFO save a millennial graphic designer from Ponger Games humiliation?

Greg’s going to find out … this Labor Day in Ponger Games, directed by Eric Dorman! Watch the video below.

Check your local listings for show times. This film is rated “P” for “pingpong.”