MP&F staff recently headed to The Old School, a farm-to-table restaurant, garden and event venue, for our annual midyear retreat, where family and friends later joined for a 30th anniversary party complete with MP&F-themed cocktails. Staffers spent the day learning about best practices, reviewing successes for the year so far, participating in brainstorming break-out sessions and strengthening our best asset – our culture.

Scroll down for a glimpse of our retreat and our 30th anniversary party – it’s Our View From 30 (at the farm).

To kick off the day, staffers took a tour of the on-site farm at The Old School and learned about how they give back to the community while running a successful restaurant. (Photo: Aleah Heinlein)

The Old School treated staffers to a delicious lunch to fuel our minds before diving into learning sessions and break-outs. (Photo: Keith Miles)

MP&F partners Alice Chapman, David Fox, Keith Miles, Mark McNeely and Katy Varney set aside time to answer staff questions. (Photo: Aleah Heinlein)

After retreat sessions, family and friends joined the staff for a cocktail party to continue our 30th anniversary celebration that we’ve been recognizing all year long. (Photo: Aleah Heinlein)

From left to right: Aya Harasawa, Taylor Smith, Dee Harleston and Reagan Costa enjoy cocktails to kick off the evening. (Photo: Aleah Heinlein)

Amanda Gambill and Ashley Heyen enjoying the 30th anniversary party. (Photo: Aleah Heinlein)

The Old School sent the staff home with fresh herbs from their garden. (Photo: Aleah Heinlein)