Marines in Music City

Hosted in one city per year, Marine Week is the biggest public display by the United States Marine Corps in the country. When Marine Week stopped in Nashville in September 2016, MP&F made sure the whole region knew the Marines had landed. Through a comprehensive advertising, digital marketing, media relations and community outreach campaign, MP&F helped the Marines share their history, host more than 80 events, and celebrate “Community, Country and Corps” in Middle Tennessee. Awareness was measured through pre-event and post-event surveys.


  • Measurably increase awareness of Marine Week Nashville and the USMC within the MSA from Marine Week Phoenix the previous year.

  • Draw attendees to events across the Nashville area.

  • Generate the most engagement in Marine Week history.


  • Nearly doubled awareness of Marine Week Nashville compared to Marine Week the previous year, when it was held in Phoenix, from 36 percent to 65 percent.

  • 102,395 people attended a Marine Week Nashville event, almost 10 percent of the five-county area

  • Generated the most engagement in Marine Week history. Impressions doubled from Marine Week Phoenix to 3.2 million, resulting from:

print and online media clips
national media hits on NPR, “Good Morning America” and FOX

TV and radio segments
social media engagements