At MP&F, our staff is organized into two teams, 1 and 2. This is done for a few reasons, mainly organizational. At every annual company retreat, typically held the first week of December, teams 1 and 2 go head to head in a friendly, but competitive series of games. Since team 1 took the trophy last year, my team colleagues and I decided to ratchet it down a notch, so our friends on team 2 could take the edge off last year’s loss. Win or lose, these friendly competitions all fit well into MP&F’s company culture of having fun and being creative and strategic in our mission.

Our retreats allow the staff to go off-site for two days to celebrate our successes throughout the year, learn how to do our jobs better and set goals for the coming year, all while enjoying one another’s company.

As we did last year, we spent the 2016 retreat at Montgomery Bell State Park in nearby Dickson County. I would be remiss if I didn’t praise our celebrated Tennessee State Parks system. It is hands-down one of the best in the country, if not the best.

Here is a short pictorial rundown of this year’s annual company retreat:


Ashley Heyen and Laura Huddleston, with Aleah Heinlein, Megan McConnell and Deborah Armour in the background. (Photo: Keith Miles)


Lauren Ward, Roger Shirley and Alice Chapman engage in one of the several team 1 vs. team 2 games. (Photo: Keith Miles)


Team 1 captain Greg Ellis always looking cool. (Photo: Pam Schmidt)


Katy Varney and this year’s guest speaker, Shannon Hunt, president and CEO of the Nashville Public Education Foundation (an MP&F client). (Photo: Pam Schmidt)


Team 2 staffers celebrate a needed victory. (Photo: Pam Schmidt)