Introducing MP&F Strategic Communications
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Introducing MP&F Strategic Communications

By David Fox

MP&F has been spreading its wings of late and, with it, the scope of our services.

After the best year in company history in 2017, we are proud to announce major enhancements to our communications offerings and a new name: MP&F Strategic Communications.

MP&F’s commitment to providing solid strategic counsel has been a hallmark of this agency for more than three decades. What’s changing today are the tools at our disposal to implement strategies, deliver messages and track results. Our menu of services now includes:

Integrated marketing: We have enhanced our marketing capabilities by developing a data-driven, integrated approach under the guidance of director Knight Stivender. Knight is already helping our clients use data to understand what motivates their customers and pinpoint messages that resonate. Look for more over the coming months about how MP&F is marrying the art of brand storytelling with the science of marketing.

Advertising: Last year, MP&F produced and placed more than $6 million worth of advertising for our clients, and that service area continues to grow. Obviously, digital ads are a significant focus – representing a substantial portion of our advertising work – but we also continue to provide award-winning creative placement in print, broadcast and outdoor platforms.

Graphic design and creative services: MP&F’s Creative Services division, long a strength of our company, has grown to eight A-team designers who bring an artist’s eye and graphic expertise to every campaign and project we undertake. Mary Elizabeth Davis, recently managing editor of Southern Living Magazine, joined our team as director of Creatives Services last year, and her leadership is paying dividends. Creative Services grew by 39 percent in 2017.

Digital: MP&F is a digital agency, and has been since we bought our first computer when our company was founded. Our job is all about delivering the right messages through the most efficient channels to the right audience(s), and websites, social media platforms and email campaigns all play a critical role in achieving success. Annakate Ross has served as our chief digital strategist for the past four years, and her expertise continues to keep us at the forefront of our industry in the digital space.

Content developers: As a public relations company started by journalists, MP&F’s credibility with the media remains one of its defining core values. We think like reporters. We look at client challenges, not only from their perspective, but also from the objective viewpoint of someone who must explain those challenges to the public. And we shape content accordingly. That is a formula that has worked for 31 years, and we don’t see it changing anytime soon.

MP&F has always been a communications company that embraces change, and now, because of the growth of our service offerings, we have a new name – MP&F Strategic Communications.