Five Things To Do When The Internet Goes Dark

Five Things To Do When The Internet Goes Dark

By Mary Elizabeth Davis

Countless major websites went dark momentarily this week because of disruptions at two key global internet infrastructure services. Everything is back up and running again, but systems aren’t perfect and websites crash. What to do when things go dark? First, call your hosting company or agency. Next? Here are some ideas.

  1. When the internet goes dark, make a list. Make a list of 10 ways you want to improve your business in the next six months. Some will be small things. Some will be big dreams. When the internet returns, research. Find at least one article, person, company or service that can help you with each idea.
  1. When the internet goes dark, light a candle. Light a real candle (we like Paddywax), and also a metaphorical one in honor of someone who needs a little extra support right now. When the internet returns, send that person an email or flowers (we like Rose Hill Flowers) and let them know they’re on your mind.
  1. When the internet goes dark, take your dog on a walk. Smell the flowers (you). Smell the other dogs (him). If your dog likes to support local businesses as you do, indulge him with a snack from Mars Petcare. (Our pup likes Greenies.) When the internet is back, donate a little something to the PEDIGREE Foundation.
  1. When the internet goes dark, inspect your house and property. Notice things that need fixing. Daydream about your garden. When the internet comes back, find a Tractor Supply near you and sign up for their Neighbors Club. (Trust us.) 
  1. When the internet goes dark, call your mom. She probably hasn’t heard from you in a while and would like to catch up. Maybe she’ll tell you about the good ol’ days when we didn’t have to worry about the %^&$ internet.