Big changes are headed to Facebook (Now’s the time to get ready)

Big changes are headed to Facebook (Now’s the time to get ready)

By Leigh Lindsey
January 18, 2018

Last week Mark Zuckerberg announced that major changes are in the works at Facebook. The social network is shifting its algorithms again — this time to make sure you are seeing more content from family and friends. It’s likely that changes to Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, are on the way, too.

According to Zuckerberg, the shift will take time, but you should see some changes in your news feed quickly. More content in your news feed from people that matter to you means less visibility for content from brands, businesses and news publishers.

If your business relies on Facebook and Instagram as part of its marketing strategy, now’s the time to take a look at your content creation and advertising efforts. Here are three suggestions to help you get started:

  • Create content that encourages engagement. Comments and interactions on content will be seen more favorably than likes or shares in this new algorithm. Now is the time to start including calls-to-action and focusing on quality content that builds dialogue on your page. Zuckerberg notes that live video will also perform better than other pre-produced video.
  • Check out your insights. Start with looking at Facebook insights to see what types of content have previously performed best for your business. Be sure to pay extra attention to engagement metrics. Knowing what your audience likes and responds to and developing content accordingly is critical.
  • Invest in an advertising strategy. Facebook is still a great platform for businesses and brands that are creating engaging content and willing to invest in advertising to reach target audiences. Its global reach and targeting capabilities are only matched by Google’s advertising tools.

Now more than ever it’s important to make sure all of your efforts are not directed toward one social channel or advertising medium. Let us help you create a plan that works. Contact us today for a free consultation.