For the past two months, I have worked as an MP&F intern conducting research, creating social media calendars, writing blog posts and generally learning what it’s like to work in an agency setting. It’s been a great experience that I will always cherish. For those who are curious as to what it’s like to work here, I drafted a blog post about my time at MP&F.

1.) MP&F has a long list of clients, and you will work with a diverse group of them.

On my first day as an intern, I was placed on five different client teams in various industries including health care, transportation and a nonprofit.

Millie (center) at a meeting with fellow MP&F summer interns Ian Dinkins  and Joy Smith.

“I love the diverse group of clients and industries I get to work in,” said Morey Hill, an assistant account executive. “Every day is different, and I’m always thinking creatively to present my best work to the clients.”

I agree with Morey completely because working in different industries in one day makes this internship more exciting and fast-paced. Though, it can also be a challenge at first to stay organized and learn how to prioritize work, which is a new skill I’ve learned during my time here.

“Because we have so many clients, it’s a juggling act,” said Megan Willoughby, one of MP&F’s senior graphic designers. “We’re quick to act, and we always want to make the client happy.”

Making sure the clients are happy is first and foremost, and the account staff works hard to present the best possible product.

2.) You will learn something new every day.

MP&F offers a wonderful learning environment for interns who haven’t started their careers yet. At the same time, MP&F is set up in such a way that there is support at all levels of the company.

“The thing I enjoy most is working with our staff and interns,” said Leigh Lindsey, an account supervisor and one of my team leaders. “I learn so much from people of all levels of the company.”

The partners created an environment that promotes curiosity and collaboration on purpose because there’s no one way to do anything, and there is always something new to explore.

“What MP&F does really well is, whatever level you are, the senior staff is always open to talk to you and give you advice,” said Erin Clements, an account executive. “Having an entry-level employee work with the CEO of a company doesn’t happen everywhere, but it happens here.”

3.) Yes, you will work hard, but you’ll also have fun.

This past June, The Tennessean named MP&F as a top workplace in Middle Tennessee for the fourth consecutive year, and I can definitely see why. Staff members care about the work environment.

“The culture at MP&F is very different from any other company,” said Dee Harleston, a staff associate.

While everyone works hard, the company makes room for having fun through retreats, Trivia Monday, holiday snack and beverage carts, a company kickball team, and more.

A great example of this is the pingpong tournament that was held throughout the month of June, called “The Ponger Games.” Many of us took a few minutes to participate, and in true PR fashion, the art department produced promotional videos and an actual trophy for the reigning champion.

“We take our jobs very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously,” said Pam Schmidt, an administrative assistant. “We spend most of our waking moments at work, so it’s important to us that our work is enjoyable.”

4.) You will love MP&F because of the people.

Having spent the past couple of months here, I can honestly say everyone comes to work happy and excited to do great work for their clients.

“I work with the best, brightest and most hilarious group of people,” said Lauren Ward, an account supervisor. “I love my job, and I think that’s a rare thing to say.”

The partners have chosen staff members who are all smart, creative, hardworking and positive, which means this internship program is competitive. If you see these qualities in yourself, however, then you just might find a home here.

“We’re family,” said TJ McCrary, an administrative assistant. “This is my home away from home.”

Well, there you have it. As a college student pursuing a career in PR, I can’t imagine a better place to spend a summer. I’ve had a valuable experience completing real work for real clients and developing skills in the process. If you are interested in pursuing an internship or career at MP&F, please visit

Millie Wert, a native of Nashville, was an MP&F summer intern. A senior at Elon University in Elon, N.C., she will be majoring in strategic communications with a minor in history.