A word on buzzwords

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It’s taken me a long time to ideate this piece of snackable content. After all, I was working to craft a cutting-edge, viral blog post with perfectly synergized messages aimed at exposing pain points around the pervasive use of jargon and buzzwords in the world of communications. All right, who needs a translation? That first paragraph incorporated a number of frequently used communications … [Read more...]

WGU Tennessee Adds Memphis Health Care Executive to Advisory Board

Tennessee Promise

WGU Tennessee has named Carol Ross-Spang as the newest member of the state-endorsed, online university’s advisory board. Ross-Spang is senior vice president of human resources for Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare in Memphis, Tenn., a position she has held since 2001. “WGU Tennessee plays an important role in providing a unique educational model,” Ross-Spang said. “It’s a school that can make … [Read more...]

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

By Sarah de Jong Many staffers here at MP&F work on websites and blogs for our clients. So, what do you think they do when they go home at night? Blog some more! Below is a list of some MP&F staffers who maintain their own blogs: Jennifer Brantley - Family http://jenniferontherun.wordpress.com Jennifer on the Run provides insights on family, work, cooking, running and life in general … [Read more...]

Taking a Campaign Approach to PR Is a Winning Recipe

By David Fox At MP&F, we often say that we take a campaign approach to communications. But what does that mean? Are we referring to political campaigns? In a word, yes. MP&F was started by a group of people who’d all worked in and around political campaigns before joining the company, and we discovered that political campaigns are amazing laboratories for incubating new communications … [Read more...]

Why you can’t stop pinning; a look into the roots of a Pinterest addiction

It took me a long time to write this blog post. No, it’s not what you think – no writer’s block here. Rather, I lost myself in the delicious depths of Pinterest. But this time, it wasn’t for inspiration on how to wear my new maxi skirt or for a new recipe for dinner tomorrow night. I looked at it through the eyes of a brand strategist, and quickly saw a handful of brands already effectively using … [Read more...]

Four questions to answer before using Twitter for your business

Today’s edition of the Nashville Business Journal includes a column I wrote about using Twitter effectively for business. Here are four questions that any company should consider when deciding whether to use Twitter: 1) Are you willing to devote at least 30 minutes a day several days a week to reading tweets from others and posting tweets of your own? 2) What call to action will you offer … [Read more...]

Let your audience see your sound

By Dan Schlacter My wife and I were two of the 80,000 people who went to Bonnaroo this past weekend to breathe dirt, carry heavy jugs of water, and get sunburned while listening to music we could have just downloaded from iTunes while relaxing in our air-conditioned home. Since we got back, friends and colleagues have been asking, “So, who’d you see?” That probably sounds familiar to anyone … [Read more...]

So many PodCamp sessions, so little time

One of the challenges of PodCamp Nashville each year is deciding which sessions to attend. There are always more engaging speakers and appealing topics than time slots, and this year is no exception. Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices? Based on an unscientific combination of speaker ability and subject matter, here are my recommendations for sessions to sit in on during each time … [Read more...]

Spreading the Word

Interning for a PR firm hasn’t shaped my outlook in the same way studying theology at Belmont University has, but it has completely changed the way I engage the world around me. Activities such as attending news conferences and participating in brainstorming sessions have made me more aware of the magnitude of messages that bombard us each day. Theology and public relations might seem unrelated, … [Read more...]

Think email is dead? Think again.

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our inboxes, but we still spend a substantial amount of time reviewing and replying to e-mail. There are plenty of techies who love to declare that email is extinct, but it still refuses to die. I'm guessing that it won't for a long, long time. Will Facebook, Twitter, Google Wave or something else replace email? Maybe, but not anytime soon. Even … [Read more...]