What Your Small Business Can Learn From Community Bankers About Social Media

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Recently, I had the opportunity to address a group of community banking executives on social media best practices at the Tennessee Bankers Association biannual roundtable event. It was an engaged group of 40 or so bankers from across the state, and they asked some great questions. Following are some of the high points of our discussion. With limited time and resources, small-town banks – or any … [Read more...]

How To Fight Website Fatigue


Four questions to consider when contemplating a new site How do you know when it’s time for a new website? In our years of building client websites, we’ve learned to ask a lot of questions before we embark on a site overhaul. Of course, sometimes a completely new website may be necessary. But other times, a few tweaks could be all a client needs. Consider the following: Is your site … [Read more...]



One of the great things about social media is that, for the most part, so little thought goes into its content. People write spontaneous rejoinders to their friends’ Facebook posts, or snarky tweets with links to partisan memes, or drunk posts that are regretted the morning after. This keeps it entertaining, if not substantive; it also has created a lucrative career market for social media … [Read more...]

The Next Health Care Trend: Consumer Engagement

Modern Healthcare Summit

By Dan Schlacter I recently attended Modern Healthcare’s Mobile Health Summit: Connecting Providers, Payers and Patients. As the conversation began, it quickly became clear that health care conversations – especially those about consumer-facing trends like mobile health – must include professional communicators. According to the panel, the manner in which health care is delivered has … [Read more...]

Why Negative Reviews Are Actually a Good Thing for Retailers


Nobody likes to hear negative things about their company online, but the fact is that when people have negative experiences, they want to talk about it. And with so much activity happening online, especially in retail, there are lots of places for this feedback to show up. Your gut instinct might be to delete anything negative. Don’t. Negative feedback isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and … [Read more...]

Three Digital Service Offerings You’d Be Surprised To Know Exist


By Annakate Tefft Ross Isn’t it nice when you find out about a helpful product or service in life that you didn’t know existed? Last year, I discovered LastPass, an app that saves all of your login information for you. Using LastPass makes it a breeze to log in and log out online whether you’re on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. I was so impressed I wrote about LastPass in a blog post. … [Read more...]

Four Lessons in Content Marketing from Coca-Cola ‘Journey’

This post has previously appeared on the Nashville Business Journal's website. By Annakate Tefft Ross Content marketing, or the practice of creating valuable, interesting content to attract new customers, is what Coca-Cola is doing with “Journey,” the company’s digital magazine. “Journey” replaces Coke’s old transactional corporate website and tells the brand’s story with images, interesting … [Read more...]

Add visuals to your social media feeds to increase engagement


By Keith Miles If, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, then doesn't it make sense to plan visuals for your social media stream? I can see a marked increase in engagement in my own blogs and Facebook posts when I use a photo or share a graphic. Often, the visual makes the first impression and draws the reader into the written story. It’s no coincidence that some of the … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday mp&f/d!


Even in the digital world, a first birthday is celebration-worthy. Launched one year ago today, mp&f/d was created to help position our agency for the future. Digital director Annakate Ross and MP&F partner Keith Miles looked backward and forward in this Q&A. What were the surprises in launching mp&f/d? (Keith) First, we were very pleasantly surprised at the excitement … [Read more...]

Facebook Redesign

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By Sarah de Jong It was only a matter of time before Facebook changed its look again. This time the new design is for business pages. There are now 30 million small businesses worldwide that run Pages on Facebook, so this change will affect a lot of people. Following is a summary of the major changes and their implications for social media managers. We’ve included screenshots of our client the … [Read more...]