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Digital Marketing
Solstice Senior Living

Project Scope

MP&F and Solstice Senior Living had already been partnering together for two years on earned and owned media projects when our teams decided to tackle their next greatest challenge eliminate inefficiencies in the Solstice advertising strategy and drive more leads. At the time, their investment was spread thinly across many platforms, and ad creative was leaning heavily on gimmicks. Consolidating this spend within Google Search and Facebook and creating ads that simply and clearly conveyed the communities’ value were the foundation for a strong lead generation ad campaign.  


We transformed Solstice’s advertising approach from basic brand awareness to a smart conversion strategy. The first step was streamlining their advertising campaigns to eliminate waste, with a focus on conversions rather than impressions. We also incorporated Google My Business updates into our regular social media calendars, negating the need for special GMB spend. Ad creative was also refreshed to feature photos of current residents and their communities. All of this was supported by an updated and data-driven user experience on the Solstice website, which helped nurture leads no matter what stage in the decision-making process they were in when they clicked on an ad. 


Within nine months, total leads had increased by nearly 5% from pre-COVID benchmarks. Within two years, leads had increased by 23%. More directly relevant to our efforts was an increase in website leads generated by advertising. Those leads grew even faster, with 15% more leads within six months and 42% more leads within two years. And to top it all off, we generated 25% more leads while maintaining the same budget. In short, we helped the client increase the effectiveness of their spend to get more with their advertising dollars.  





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