You are one of fewer than 100 VIPs who will be attending the first stop on the band’s reunion tour.  

Nov. 16 and 17  |  Paris Landing State Park

Retreat Background
Terms and Conditions 
  • Attendees shall not bring cowbells.  

  • Attendees will be in charge of arriving at the venue at 10 a.m. Limos will not be provided.
  • VIP passes will be provided upon arrival at the venue. 

  • Attendees shall dress casually and comfortably.   

  • Attendees will participate in breakout groups led by other VIPs and band members, as well as games to discover who the band’s most enthusiastic fans are. They will also have the opportunity to sit in on meetings discussing the plans for the band’s future. 
  • Attendees shall be invited to the VIP party backstage. 

  • In order to attend the VIP party, participants must come dressed on theme. 

  • Dinner and drinks will be provided for attendees. 

  • Attendees may bring their own snacks of choice, should they have a favorite they cannot do without for two days. 

  • Attendees will be encouraged to dance, especially to the band’s favorite song – Freebird.  

  • Attendees should bring supplies to stay at the venue from Wednesday, Nov. 16 to Thursday, Nov 17.