There are two ways to gain perspective: Experience and Altitude. MP&F has both. Join us in 2017 as we celebrate our 30th anniversary by sharing the View From 30.

“Nobody cares about your anniversary.”

          – Anonymous MP&F Pessimist

That pessimistic, but true, statement was one of the shiniest of the gold nuggets to come out of our initial planning sessions for MP&F’s 30th anniversary, which began on January 1, 2017.

That statement has endured as our guiding mantra, reminding us that, in order to leverage our anniversary to engage external audiences – to make you care enough to celebrate with us – we have to offer you something that only we have: a View From 30.

Over the past three decades, MP&F Public Relations has grown to become Tennessee’s largest independent public relations firm. Our broad industry experience, full-service expertise, connections to and within (and beyond) our community, foresight of Nashville’s future, and new office space (we’re on the 30th floor now … get it?!) also make us the only agency in town qualified to offer this view.

Throughout 2017, we will be celebrating in ways that – we hope – you will care about. Yes, we’ll be talking about ourselves, but we’ll also be talking about you. About Nashville … the past and the future. About storytelling trends and solutions that affect your bottom line.

Join us in enjoying the View From 30. Seriously. Come by anytime. We’d love to see you.