Cheers! Wine in Grocery Stores

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Red White and Food materials

Putting Wine in Grocery Stores in Tennessee

In 2014, Tennessee became the 37th state to allow wine sales in grocery stores. To change state law to allow this, MP&F led a seven-year campaign called Red White and Food with state retailers and the Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association that provided Tennessee consumers with a convenience that they had long requested. The Red White and Food coalition educated Tennesseans about the issue, encouraged them to make their voices heard with state lawmakers and ultimately got out the vote on Election Day.

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  • Pass a bill in the Tennessee legislature that would allow municipalities to hold local referendums on allowing wine sales in grocery stores.

  • Organize a petition drive to put the referendum on the next election ballot in the 15 major Tennessee municipalities.

  • Get out the vote to pass the referendum in all eligible municipalities.

Red White and Food Petition Drive - collecting signatures


  • The Tennessee Senate and House passed the referendum bill, and Gov. Bill Haslam signed it into law.

  • The campaign team collected 262,247 signatures on petitions statewide, and 78 municipalities gathered enough petition signatures to hold local referendums – more than five times the proposed 15.

  • All 78 municipalities passed the referendum by an at least 65 percent majority.

Red White and Food - Governor Haslam signs wine in grocery stores bill