Take this questionnaire, and we’ll have you off the naughty list before you can say #@!&*%$
In the last 12 months ...
Have you ever taken a Zoom call in your pajamas or sweats?
Has your navigation app ever automatically pulled up a package store?
Have you ever carried on a work conversation with a family pet?
Have you saved significantly on razor blades or makeup?
Have you worn yoga pants more often than you’ve done yoga ... in your life?
Has “binge watching” just become standard operating procedure?
Have you actively turned off your screen-time notification alerts?
Have you physically forgotten how to walk in heels?
Have you converted any room into what Planet Fitness kinda-looks-like-in-commercials?
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We’ll be the first to admit it, we were naughty, too. See for yourself.
No recyclables were cross contaminated in the making of this video. Don’t be a grinch — sort your glass and plastics.