Selby McRae Graepel

Senior Account Executive


Selby McRae Graepel joined MP&F in 2014 as an assistant account executive. Born and raised in Jackson, Miss., Selby ventured to upstate New York to attend Hamilton College. She earned a Bachelor of Arts dual degree in English literature and dance.

At MP&F, her clients have included the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program, the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE), Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Athens State University, the U.S. Marine Corps’ Marine Week and Community Veterinary Partners. In addition to her client work, Selby co-leads MP&F’s mentor program for entry-level staffers.

Selby is a member of the Nashville Junior League and also volunteers with the Sexual Assault Center as an advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Prior to living in Nashville, Selby lived in New York City, where she attended the Columbia Publishing Course and worked in the marketing department at Penguin Random House.