How We Monitor News Coverage and Measure Reach

How We Monitor News Coverage and Measure Reach

By Brooke Kelly
July 10, 2020

At MP&F, we deploy a variety of tools and methods to source and maintain connections with journalists and influencers, monitor news reporting and measure public sentiment around news issues and article performance. Among our favorites is Cision, which helps us help clients across a range of industries from education to industrial and hospitality to healthcare.

What it is: Cision is an online resource that has a global database of media outlets, journalists, bloggers and influencers whose information can be reviewed based on location, topics covered and reach.

At MP&F we also use Cision’s clip reporting and measuring features to report and analyze media coverage and share with our clients the reach of their earned and paid media coverage.

With some of Cision’s newest features, you can do more measurement of your media outreach efforts and coverage by connecting clips with your website’s Google Analytics and using their email distribution and tracking system, their verified views feature and their media outreach project management tools.

How it works:

  • For media and influencer outreach, we create outlet, reporter and influencer contact lists that can be updated within the platform or downloaded for use off the platform; we can review upcoming planned topics outlets plan to report on based on their editorial calendars, and we can also browse by topic the featured HARO (Help A Reporter Out) entries from journalists looking for sources who can be interviewed on various matters.
  • For coverage monitoring, we set the date range we’d like to review coverage for within the platform, remove any coverage that you don’t need to include in your coverage report and download report templates or media tracking spreadsheets.
  • For impact reporting, we use Cision’s analyzing features that include providing publicity value for coverage and reporting on things like sentiment of each clip and comparisons of your media coverage to that of your competitors.
  • For earned media project management, Cision has tracking tools that allow us to track all of a client team’s outreach to journalists and influencers for particular story pitches, and we have the ability to track open rates within the platform of emails sent to media contacts from our account if we see value in this level of outreach tracking.

Key takeaway: Securing media coverage continues to be a top priority of our clients, and Cision is a tool that connects us with journalists and influencers and allows us to track and analyze coverage.

Cost: MP&F pays for a professional subscription to Cision, which we use to the benefit of our clients. When you work with MP&F, you are receiving the benefits of our Cision subscription as well as other tools for analyzing media performance and audience engagement.

Need help? If you are interested in working with our team to procure and manage earned media, please reach out.

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