Homeschool Takeover at The Hermitage

Homeschool Takeover at The Hermitage

By MP&F Staff

Hermitage Homeschool TakeoverOn Nov. 11 and 12, hundreds of home-schoolers from across the nation will take over Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage as the presidential home hosts two events specifically for home-schooled students and their families. On Nov. 11, home-schooled students will have the opportunity to experience a class at the home of the seventh president during Hermitage Homeschool Day. On Nov. 12, home-schooled student-athletes will participate in the first race ever hosted at The Hermitage during the inaugural 2016 Homeschool Cross Country National Championship.

On Friday, Nov. 11, The Hermitage will offer a school program to home-schooled students during Hermitage Homeschool Day. Hermitage Homeschool Days allow home-schoolers to attend a class with other home-schooled students at the historic home of the seventh president while learning about the life and legacy of Andrew Jackson.

One of the last Homeschool Days offered during 2016, the Nov. 11 class will focus on the Trail of Tears. The class will allow students to examine the political and social influences that contributed toward the mass removal of Native Americans from the South in the 1830s as well as discuss Jackson’s involvement in the event.

“The Hermitage is proud to offer a wealth of engaging education programs to students in K–12, and our Homeschool Days are a wonderful opportunity for home-schooled students to experience a class at The Hermitage the same way a child enrolled in a public or private school would,” said Erin Adams, director of Education and Interpretation at The Hermitage.

Class begins at 10:30 a.m. and is designed for students in grades four through 12. The cost to register is $9 per student, $7 for nonparticipating children and $16 per adult. Children under 5 are free. The final day to register is Nov. 10. To find out more about Homeschool Days and to register, visit www.thehermitage.com.

On Saturday, Nov. 12, The Hermitage will host the inaugural 2016 Homeschool Cross Country National Championship races. This is the first time the presidential home has hosted a race on its historic grounds. Over 600 home-schooled student-athletes and supporters from 14 states are expected to attend this unprecedented event. Tennessee Heat Sports is organizing the race to give home-schooled athletes whose states don’t allow home-school teams to participate in postseason sporting activities the opportunity to experience a postseason championship event.

The first race will begin at 9 a.m. There is no fee for spectators. From Friday, Nov. 11, to Sunday, Nov. 13, The Hermitage will offer special discounts to home-schooled student-athletes and their families. For more information, contact Jay Tippens at jtippens@deloitte.com.

About Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage: Home of the People’s President is one of the largest and most visited presidential homes in the United States. Opened as a museum in 1889, it is one of the nation’s oldest presidential sites, drawing more than 192,000 visitors each year. Located 12 miles northeast of downtown Nashville, The Hermitage is a 1,120-acre National Historic Landmark with 27 restored buildings, 12 dating to Jackson’s ownership, including his 1836 mansion and tomb, slave cabins, garden, and the church he had constructed for his beloved wife, Rachel. In the Andrew Jackson Visitor Center, guests can experience Andrew Jackson: Born for a Storm, a new interactive exhibit about the life and profound impact of our seventh president on the history of the United States. Admission is free for active duty military and half-price for all veterans. For more information, visit www.thehermitage.com.