Talking About Data: How To Drive Understanding and Action

Landry Butler Blog, Insights

Sharing complex business data with your stakeholders and other audiences, and communicating it in a way that provides insight and drives action, can be a daunting task. What are they looking for? Should you give high-level analysis or a deep dive into the details? What is their level of understanding the data? Goal No. 1 is clear communication. Effective data analysis enables you to communicate findings accurately in language that audiences can understand. Differing expectations and overuse of specialized language can result in misunderstandings and other barriers to addressing your business needs.  Tell the story.When developing your analysis, it is …

Annual Report: Design for Impact

Megan Willoughby Blog, Insights

It’s that time of year again. Christmas decorating, cookie baking, Hallmark movies and annual reports. Yes, you heard me: annual reports. Those year-in-review documents stuffed with so many balance sheets and dollar signs that your eyes will cross. Those thick books filled with edge-of-your-seat page titles like Cash Flow Statement and Profit and Loss. If your company name starts with a Z and ends with an M, or you sell athleisure wear (I haven’t worn real pants since March), you’re probably thrilled to be reliving or recapping 2020. But even if you’re among those who struggled this year, annual reports …

Eight Traits of Great Emails

Knight Stivender Blog, Insights

Chances are there are a few unread marketing emails and companywide blasts in your inbox right now. Some you’ll click on immediately, maybe even read all the way through. And some will be an immediate Shift + Delete.  What makes the difference when it comes to good email and bad?  An election season, the COVID-19 pandemic and now the holidays give us a lot of examples of both types. Here are a few ways to stand out from the crowd — in a good way.  Would You Open This?The subject line is arguably the most important part of an email, …

Key Takeaways From Adobe MAX 2020

MP&F Staff Blog, Insights

Every year, Adobe – a software company many creative teams use for everything from design to illustration to photo editing – produces Adobe MAX, ordinarily an in-person conference highlighting new products, software releases, tutorials and inspirational talks.  This year, creatives from all over the world tuned in for a free, virtual conference to draw inspiration and learn from the best in the business. Our team’s key takeaways from this year’s event: 1. Virtual collaboration among creative teams is more important than ever. Creative people draw inspiration from being around each other. Whether in internal teams or with our clients, we …

How To Talk About Your Work (Organization, Project, Etc.) Without Bragging

Knight Stivender Blog, Insights

As an editor at The Tennessean several years before joining MP&F, I knew the folks at the firm before I became one of them. Whenever an MP&F executive entered our newsroom – especially a partner wearing a suit, which was the only thing partners wore to the newsroom in those days – we knew the story they were bringing with them would be important, exclusive, top-secret – or all of those things. Now that I am lucky enough to work at MP&F myself, I understand that beneath my colleagues’ polished presentations are people whose pandemic work-from-home lives are just as …

Designing for Inclusivity

Mary Elizabeth Davis Blog, Insights

When you read “inclusive design,” your mind may go immediately to accessibility and compliance. But, it’s so much more than that.   Inclusive design is putting people first. It’s designing for the needs of people with permanent, temporary, situational or ever-changing challenges. While you can’t make a short person taller (or, a tall person shorter for that matter), you can adapt the environment so that any challenges are less pronounced. This is where inclusive design comes in. It’s about being intentional before you even take the first step. It’s an ongoing process and requires doing the work to understand your …

How We Monitor News Coverage and Measure Reach

Brooke Kelly Blog, Insights

At MP&F, we deploy a variety of tools and methods to source and maintain connections with journalists and influencers, monitor news reporting and measure public sentiment around news issues and article performance. Among our favorites is Cision, which helps us help clients across a range of industries from education to industrial and hospitality to healthcare. What it is: Cision is an online resource that has a global database of media outlets, journalists, bloggers and influencers whose information can be reviewed based on location, topics covered and reach. At MP&F we also use Cision’s clip reporting and measuring features to report …

Does your website need an SEO audit?

MPF Staff Blog, Insights

If customers aren’t finding you, it’s time to find out why Is it time to conduct an SEO audit of your company’s website? You’re not alone. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost every business to re-examine its digital presence and capabilities. As a result, the digital marketplace for goods and services has become significantly more crowded. It is more difficult than ever for a business to stand out. The best way to maintain or improve your business’s digital standing among your industry peers is to improve your website’s search engine optimization through an SEO audit. A good SEO score …

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Five free data tools to boost integrated marketing efforts

Knight Stivender Blog, Insights

An effective communications strategy requires insight and analysis as much as it does empathy and creativity. If your public relations teams are heavy on wordsmiths and light on analysts, here are five free tools (and one paid subscription you likely already have) that can help. Still need support? For each tool, we’ve provided our recommendation for upgrading.