Five free data tools to boost integrated marketing efforts

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An effective communications strategy requires insight and analysis as much as it does empathy and creativity. If your public relations teams are heavy on wordsmiths and light on analysts, here are five free tools (and one paid subscription you likely already have) that can help. Still need support? For each tool, we’ve provided our recommendation for upgrading.

Juneteenth / Freedom Day 2020

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This blog is dedicated to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Dion Johnson, Sandra Bland, Daniel Hambrick and the countless others killed due to police brutality and a system that has perpetually ignored the cries of the Black community. On June 19, 1865, Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, to take control of the state immediately following the Civil War. When he arrived, General Granger declared, “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive Office of the United States, all slaves are free.” Roughly 250,000 enslaved black people in … Read More

How to use Google’s Keyword Planner to create SEO-friendly content

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Screen capture of Google Keyword Planner

Need SEO help? If resources and budget are minimal right now, we’ve outlined a way to use the Google Keyword Planner as a workaround to professional tools and agency support. The Keyword Planner is a tool designed to assist media buyers with advertising decisions; SEO is not its intended use. That makes using it as such a little clunky, but it works. And it’s free.

How to know whether people are using your website as intended

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Most of us who have worked on a website project have experienced a conversation like this: Before you know it, you have built a website everyone has contributed to, yet no one understands. Fortunately, data (and a strong creative team) can help you out of this pickle. UX designers, including those on MP&F’s Creative Services team, use analytics to figure out how visitors experience your website. With analytics, our team can see: How far people scroll down a page Whether people click as you intend Whether they click across carousels/multimedia sliders (spoiler alert — not often) If people are more … Read More

Six key marketing metrics to track in Google Analytics

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If your duties include tracking your company’s key marketing metrics, you know Google Analytics is a critical tool in measuring success. You also know how easy it can be to lose yourself in the volume of data available. To simplify things, our team has listed and explained in this post six of the top marketing metrics for businesses to track in Google Analytics on a regular basis. But first, here’s a quick an overview of Google Analytics for those who don’t use the platform on a daily basis. Google Analytics can’t tell you exactly who visits your website (you need … Read More

How to use census data for marketing and storytelling

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We’re in the middle of the 2020 Census, which is mandated by the U.S. Constitution to count every person in the United States and five U.S. territories. The census provides data that lawmakers at all levels of government use to help allocate funding for important services and infrastructure like public health, schools, roads, police and fire protection. The census is also used by businesses, entrepreneurs, economic development leaders, marketers, communicators and journalists to understand communities, impending changes and opportunities for growth. At MP&F, we use myriad census data sets to help our clients spot opportunities and tackle business challenges. We … Read More


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When times get tough, we turn to our in-house bartender, Dave Goetz for liquid courage. Here, he shares a few of his most requested cocktails.  Manhattan Fill mixing glass with ice. Add 2 oz. Rye, 1 oz. Sweet Red Vermouth, 2 drops Angostura bitters, 2 drops Orange bitters. Stir vigorously for at least one minute. Strain into coupe glass, add orange peel and 1 to 2 Luxardo cherries. Turn your Manhattan into a “Nashattan” Into a 3-liter charred oak barrel, pour two fifths 100 or higher proof Rye, one fifth Doulin Sweet Red Vermouth, one bottle Fee Brothers or Regan’s … Read More

How to communicate with employees during a crisis

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For the last few weeks, our inboxes have been filled with messages from every business we ever visited about their approach to COVID-19. Those consumer-facing messaging are often needed, and brands can’t be silent indefinitely. It’s equally important, if not more so, to invest time and resources in communicating with your employees. Here are a few tried-and-true tactics for ensuring your internal communications efforts are successful during a time that feels uncertain at best. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. It’s tempting to limit what you share with employees when things are uncertain, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s impossible … Read More

MP&F Celebrates Black History Month

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Reflecting on History Brittany IrbyMP&F Account Supervisor, Diversity Committee Member It’s February, which means that it is Black History Month (BHM)! This year marks 50 years since the first BHM celebration took place at Kent State University. This is a month to honor and acknowledge the contributions that black people have made in America. In honor of BHM, I challenge you all to reflect on that one “aha” moment that you might have had over these few weeks. You might ask yourself, what is an “aha” moment? Merriam-Webster describes it as a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition or … Read More

David Fox Celebrates 30 Years at MP&F

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Some call him the Fox, but we call him our fearless leader. Today we celebrate his 30th anniversary at MP&F by sitting down—in his corner office—with the man himself and reflecting on the last few decades. Is it true that you left a well-paying gig with a corner office at a reputable agency for an optimistic (yet not profitable) startup with a card table and folding chair for a desk?  DF: That’s true. I had a great job, but McNeely, Pigott and I had talked about going into business together for a long time, so I went with my gut, and so glad I … Read More