Handshaking 101

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Your handshake could potentially make or break someone’s first impression of you. When networking, a handshake can either send the message that you’re confident and sociable, or say the opposite. Check out this vlog for some do’s and don’ts to avoid the latter.

If We Had Known Then What We Know Now

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MP&F professionals share advice for college students “If you could go back to college, what would you do differently while in school?” This was one of the many questions college students asked panelists and me during the University of Tennessee’s biennial PR Day. I was thrilled to participate and be invited as an alumna. After I finished talking with the students about the lessons I had learned so far throughout my professional journey, I was curious to see how my colleagues at MP&F would respond to the same questions. Here’s how they responded to the most popular questions students asked …

Lessons Learned from Record-breaking AT Hiker

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We sometimes learn the most important life lessons in situations we least expect. More often than not, these same life lessons can be applied to multiple aspects of our lives, including our careers. When Jennifer Pharr Davis, an author and record-breaking thru-hiker, came to speak to the MP&F staff, it was clear that her takeaways from her time on the Appalachian Trail could relate to our personal lives and even business. “We can’t control our environment or other people; however, we can control how we respond to it or them, in both the good times and bad,” she said. The …

Maximize Your Advertising Campaign

Maximizing Your Advertising Campaign

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Pandora? TV? Billboards? With so many advertising options available to marketers today, how do we ever decide which mix is right for our clients? For more than 25 years, MP&F has had extensive experience producing and placing digital, TV, radio, print, and outdoor advertising campaigns. Our efforts have won multiple awards, and we have placed ads in markets all across the country, from San Francisco to New York. Kelly Maslan, MP&F’s in-house media buyer, has more than 20 years of experience in media planning, national media research, and buying. She started buying media before Facebook was even a thought in …

MLK Day of Service: Will we see you there?

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By Amanda Gambill Even though our office is closed today in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we won’t be using that as an excuse to sleep in, catch up on Netflix or shop. Instead, our staff is honoring Dr. King by participating in the MLK Day of Service through various community-centric ways. There’s no shortage of opportunities to spend the day. Here’s a look at some activities around town: Jump-start your holiday by joining our pro bono client Barefoot Camp at the Barefoot 5K, an event to honor MLK and past and future generations who advocate for civil …

How To Network With the Best of Them

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By Erin Clements At MP&F’s fall retreat, networking was a big topic of conversation. This can be an intimidating topic for rising young professionals, but it’s an important skill to have for your own development and for the success of your company. Following our retreat discussion and pulling past advice on the subject, here are my top five tips for networking like a pro, no matter your age or experience level: 1. Make a good first impression. Did you know a person forms an initial opinion of another within the first five seconds of meeting? Dress professionally, hold yourself confidently, …

Get in the Game: College Football Championship Is a Twitter Opportunity Not To Be Fumbled

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By Dan Schlacter We are days away from a historic Twitter opportunity: the College Football Playoff championship game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks on Monday, January 12, at 8:30 p.m. EST on ESPN. You might not like the Bucs or the Ducks, and you might not like football. But, if you have a Twitter account, you might still care about the game. According to TV Media Insights, ESPN’s telecast of the first College Football Playoff game between Oregon and Florida State University totaled 2.56 million tweets by 799,000 unique authors, and was seen by 10.13 million …

Pro Bono Service Is an Important Part of our Company’s Culture

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By Mike Pigott One of my first memories after joining Mark McNeely in this company in 1988 was the fact that he was donating a significant amount of the company’s time to Our Kids, a Junior League-sponsored program that addresses child sexual abuse. Many years later, the dedication to pro bono service initiated by Mark in the late 1980s is still flourishing at McNeely Pigott & Fox. The company currently has teams of employees assigned to serve 26 clients free of charge. Over the course of this year to date, we have performed more than 2,300 hours of service, with …

Where’s the Wine?

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Secrets of a Seven-Year PR Campaign Uncorked By Alice Chapman When Tennessee voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of wine in retail food stores in 78 municipalities last month, they ended a seven-year quest to change outdated liquor laws, and made our state the 37th in the nation to give consumers an opportunity to buy wine where they shop for food. MP&F was fortunate to work with the Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association (TGCSA) and retailers across the state for the entire effort, and helped bring to life the 30,000-plus-member Red White and Food coalition. The campaign, which began in 2007, spanned the tenures of two …

Hard To Beat a Great Retreat

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By Katy Varney Mark McNeely likes to tell the story that one of the conditions of my joining MP&F in 1993 was that we would have an annual off-site company retreat. There was no way to predict back then what would evolve into years of company tradition and lore. Mention retreat to any MP&Fer, past or present, and you are sure to get a huge smile and likely several stories that will have you wishing you were there. That first year, when the company was just six years old, 13 of us spent two days at Adams-Edgeworth Inn in Monteagle, Tenn. …