Here’s what’s … On! Our! Powerplay(list)!

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The Nashville Predators are entering a pivotal Game 5. Our city sits on the precipice of frozen glory. The timid need not apply, as the pressure will only continue to rise, the stakes only to get higher. We at MP&F have made no secret of our borderline creepy obsession with our Preds and have spent much of the last few weeks keeping one eye on our work and the other on Bridgestone, which we can see out our window, just a couple of blocks from our office. To help spread our excitement, we’ve combined forces to create a Preds Pump-Up … Read More

30 Years of Music – A Look Back

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MP&F started as a one-man consultancy in 1987. Thirty years later, we are the largest independently owned, full-service PR firm in the state, have more than 70 employees, and are the winners of numerous local and national awards. Basically, it’s worked out. Many things have changed since 1987. For instance, I “hyperlink” certain words below that, when clicked on, take you to another “page” of the “internet.” Many things haven’t changed since then, though, like our core values, our commitment to our clients and our excellent work. Outside of work, I’m an avid music collector and still DJ when I … Read More

Being Clear About Your Online Content

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  There was a time when the editorial and advertorial worlds had clear lines of demarcation. It was easy to tell the difference between an investigative report and an ad. However, the days of this “Church and State” arrangement have been disrupted by the sheer weight of online content we now see on a daily basis. As we’ve moved from a print-dominated to a digital world, new avenues for promotion like native advertising have blurred this once easy-to-read landscape. And with social media and online influencers, this line can be even murkier – in some cases being obfuscated on purpose … Read More