Mentoring Accelerates Career Success

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As a friend and former longtime client of MP&F, I was always impressed with the company culture. There is an ingrained sense of service to the community, a desire for personal and professional growth, which is encouraged, and a great camaraderie among all levels. Part of that culture stems from its two complementary mentoring programs, one of which I now spearhead on a volunteer basis. There is a “formal” program for all entry level employees, known as staff associates, and an “informal” one available to everyone. Formal Program for Staff Associates: During the first week or two at the firm, … Read More

Lessons Learned from Record-breaking AT Hiker

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We sometimes learn the most important life lessons in situations we least expect. More often than not, these same life lessons can be applied to multiple aspects of our lives, including our careers. When Jennifer Pharr Davis, an author and record-breaking thru-hiker, came to speak to the MP&F staff, it was clear that her takeaways from her time on the Appalachian Trail could relate to our personal lives and even business. “We can’t control our environment or other people; however, we can control how we respond to it or them, in both the good times and bad,” she said. The … Read More