Make Your Office a Great Place To Work: a Couple of Days at MP&F’s Company Retreat


At MP&F, our staff is organized into two teams, 1 and 2. This is done for a few reasons, mainly organizational. At every annual company retreat, typically held the first week of December, teams 1 and 2 go head to head in a friendly, but competitive series of games. Since team 1 took the trophy last year, my team colleagues and I decided to ratchet it down a notch, so our friends on team 2 … [Read more...]

Hard To Beat a Great Retreat

Retreat logos

By Katy Varney Mark McNeely likes to tell the story that one of the conditions of my joining MP&F in 1993 was that we would have an annual off-site company retreat. There was no way to predict back then what would evolve into years of company tradition and lore. Mention retreat to any MP&Fer, past or present, and you are sure to get a huge smile and likely several stories that will have … [Read more...]

At MP&F, class is always in session

Last week, MP&F held its annual off-site company retreat. The retreat has become an important MP&F tradition – a time for us to reflect on the past year as well as the year ahead, to foster new ideas, to promote exercises in teamwork, and to have a little fun. As I look back on last week’s activities, I am struck especially by the relevance of this year’s retreat theme, which was “McNeely … [Read more...]