View From 30 Lunch Series: Storytelling for Results

Lunch Series (2)

MP&F is celebrating 30 years in business, and we realize that most anniversary news is met with responses like: Oh, really? That’s nice. Yes, I got the release. No, my readers don’t care. Shoot … I forgot. I’m sorry, honey. Yes, I’ll do the dishes. No, I wasn’t watching the game. I love Gilmore Girls … will you turn up the volume? So … for one part of our yearlong celebration, … [Read more...]

What’s all that offline networking for, then?

Would you ever walk into a chamber of commerce event and start shouting "Hire me!" at the top of your lungs? Would you stuff a business card inside the mouth of every person you met while you were there? If you did, you wouldn't be there for long. I think that's why we shudder so much at the idea of anyone making a business pitch online. There has to be some level of etiquette on the Web in much … [Read more...]

Preaching to the converted?

What is it about social media that has us all grasping for the pulpit? I listened to a funny, insightful and somewhat angry presentation yesterday from Jason Falls at Social Fresh Nashville. It made me wonder why we all long to be seen as doing it right and are so eager to tell others how they should be operating online. Jason's remarks were about the need to balance relationship building and … [Read more...]