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An avid reader of the New York Times, I logged on to get my daily morning intake of business, environmental, science, political and world news. The first thing that grabbed my attention was a Patagonia call-to-action ad. It wasn’t imploring me to purchase any of Patagonia’s clothing; instead it was asking me to put my support behind the protection of public lands in Utah, an issue important to … [Read more...]

Identity Crisis at Twitter? At Least One Thing Is Certain

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It’s a suggestion I often make to friends and colleagues having a customer service issue with a company: “Why don’t you tweet at them?” Since becoming active on Twitter in 2008, I’ve always thought one of Twitter’s best functions is its ability to connect regular folks with the brands or organizations in real time. As Twitter struggles through its current identity crisis, one thing remains … [Read more...]

Recommended Weekend Reading

Happy Halloween! We know it’s not “Halloween,” but come on, you know you’ll be celebrating either tonight or tomorrow night. Before you don your costume, enjoy these digital tricks and treats recommended by our staff members. Treat: One dad’s use of LED lighting to make a fun a safe Halloween costume for his toddler Treat: Pinterest landing a big treat in its candy bag … to the tune of $225 … [Read more...]

Recommended Weekend Reading

Happy National Coffee Day! If you are like some of the folks in our office, chances are you may have had one cup too many. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with plenty of good reading material for your coffee-fueled weekend. This history of “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update anchors. (Season premiere with Tina Fey tomorrow night!) This look into “Clintonland” inhabitant Doug Band. This … [Read more...]

Recommended Weekend Reading

This weekend’s weather is looking good. Whenever you make it back inside from yard work, hiking, tailgating, fishing or shopping, grab your tablet and unwind with these links our staff was stuck on this week. Joanna Goddard’s entry from today on A Cup of Jo. Does the format look familiar? It should; that’s where we got this idea. The Washington Post’s annotated and fact-checked version of … [Read more...]

Roger That: A few words on writing

Roger Shirley is a former editor of the Nashville Business Journal and longtime editorial director here at MP&F. He reads just about everything we write. And we write a lot. This is Roger’s column about writing.  The Joy of Discovery By Roger Shirley One of the great things about being editorial director at McNeely Pigott & Fox is that all the young people think I know everything … [Read more...]

MP&F’s Top 25 PR Questions

McNeely Pigott & Fox is celebrating 25 years in business during 2012, and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by answering the 25 questions we are most often asked about our business. Question 16: “Can you get my story in the New York Times?” By David Fox Here’s a scenario for consideration: Our client, Santa’s Trees, is having a banner year, with Christmas tree sales up, a new lot on … [Read more...]

You may be missing opportunities with mobile

Got a minute? Do yourself a favor and bring up your company website on your smart phone. Exactly like your company website, only smaller? That’s a problem. As smart phones gain greater market share, more and more of your customers and potential customers will be visiting your website from a mobile device. Your mobile site should be optimized with readability and convenience in mind, or your … [Read more...]

Technology may be taking a toll on us

Could you leave technology behind for a few days? If so, the New York Times may want to hear from you when you're finished. I'll readily admit that this would be a tough task for me, but there are indications that our increasing use of technology may be detrimental to our health. For one, it is affecting how our brains process information, and two, it is turning our bodies into those of elderly … [Read more...]

An answer for online anonymity

How do you rein in belligerence without restricting free speech? That's a question many media organizations are wrestling with while weighing what to do about anonymous commenting on the Web. Online anonymity has afforded many users the opportunity to share opinions when, otherwise, they might not have been willing to do so; but that same obscurity has also encouraged an abundance of antagonism … [Read more...]