A word on buzzwords

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It’s taken me a long time to ideate this piece of snackable content. After all, I was working to craft a cutting-edge, viral blog post with perfectly synergized messages aimed at exposing pain points around the pervasive use of jargon and buzzwords in the world of communications. All right, who needs a translation? That first paragraph incorporated a number of frequently used communications … [Read more...]

Roger That: A few words on writing

Roger Shirley is a former editor of the Nashville Business Journal and longtime editorial director here at MP&F. He reads just about everything we write. And we write a lot. This is Roger’s column about writing.  Reach Out, Reach Out and Confuse Someone... By Roger Shirley I went in to talk to the boss the other day about a great business development idea I had. “Mark,” I said, “what we … [Read more...]