The State of (Social) Media: What is on the Horizon for 2017

state of social 2017

Social media evolves daily, and it can be a challenge to predict the next turn it will take; but I’m willing to make a few predictions based on what we saw in 2016. Here are my predictions for the state of social media in 2017. 1.) Virtual reality will expand from gaming industry into social media  After watching this Ted Talk by Chris Milk, I am convinced that VR will have the ability to … [Read more...]

The State of (Social) Media Part 1: Trends We Saw in 2016


2016 was a big year for obvious reasons, many of which either were discussed on social media or involved social media in some facet. Personally, I’m obsessed with keeping up with social media trends, and at MP&F we want to make sure we are always one step ahead of the trends so we can guide our clients in the right direction when it comes to digital strategy. Here are the main social media … [Read more...]

So, your brand wants to experiment with disappearing images?


Disappearing images are all the rage on social media lately, starting with the increasingly popular 5-year-old Snapchat and, more recently, Instagram’s disappearing stories feature. So now that there are two platforms doing the same thing, which one should brands use? The bottom line is deciding which platform is more effective for reaching your audience. Snapchat was introduced as a … [Read more...]

How Tomorrow’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology Can Benefit Branding Today


Everyone making branding decisions needs to keep an eye on the emerging worlds of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). These two technologies represent a potential giant leap forward in enabling brands and consumers to maintain direct, active and intuitive relationships. If you are part of the group that sees VR and AR as techie fads or gaming-only platforms, consider a few … [Read more...]

Facebook Redesign

1  Renaissance Nashville Hotel2

By Sarah de Jong It was only a matter of time before Facebook changed its look again. This time the new design is for business pages. There are now 30 million small businesses worldwide that run Pages on Facebook, so this change will affect a lot of people. Following is a summary of the major changes and their implications for social media managers. We’ve included screenshots of our client the … [Read more...]

Why Brands Should Remain on Facebook and Other Social Media Changes To Expect

By Kate Vorys The verdict is in: Don’t flee Facebook just yet. In early March, MP&F’s Annakate Tefft Ross gave an overview of the Four Facebook updates to leverage this year, including background information on the changes and key takeaways. Since the preliminary announcement, there has been time to analyze the effects the changes have had on brand exposure. Here’s my take: Facebook is … [Read more...]

Recommended Weekend Reading

Need to distract yourself from the fact that Munich’s 180th Oktoberfest is wrapping up on Sunday? Just head down to Yazoo today and tomorrow to help them celebrate their 10th anniversary! Or, you can hoist a stein out on your deck while you enjoy these links. Nashville’s 34th annual Oktoberfest is right around the corner! These examples of Google Glass’ being put to use by professional … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Social Media

By Stephanie McKinney Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It affects how we communicate with each other, how we share our experiences and how we do business. In honor of Throwback Thursday, join MP&F for a walk down memory lane through the history of social media. Here are just a few moments that we found to be meaningful. Of course this is just a brief glimpse. We … [Read more...]

Social Media Advice From a Behavioral Specialist

By Will Krugman, intern You don’t get many physical threats working in public relations, but other professions aren’t as lucky. I spent some time working in a home for troubled boys before beginning my career in PR, and during my time there an especially indignant youth threatened to “beat the living &%$# out of me.” While this may never happen in your office, I believe that I can put to use … [Read more...]

MP&F’s Top 25 PR Questions

McNeely Pigott & Fox is celebrating 25 years in business during 2012, and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by answering the 25 questions we are most often asked about our business. Question 14: How much commitment does a social media strategy require? By Tara Knott, Intern With 85 percent of marketers reporting that social media is increasing their companies’ business exposure, a … [Read more...]