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An avid reader of the New York Times, I logged on to get my daily morning intake of business, environmental, science, political and world news. The first thing that grabbed my attention was a Patagonia call-to-action ad. It wasn’t imploring me to purchase any of Patagonia’s clothing; instead it was asking me to put my support behind the protection of public lands in Utah, an issue important to … [Read more...]

So, your brand wants to experiment with disappearing images?


Disappearing images are all the rage on social media lately, starting with the increasingly popular 5-year-old Snapchat and, more recently, Instagram’s disappearing stories feature. So now that there are two platforms doing the same thing, which one should brands use? The bottom line is deciding which platform is more effective for reaching your audience. Snapchat was introduced as a … [Read more...]

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk

By Sarah de Jong Many staffers here at MP&F work on websites and blogs for our clients. So, what do you think they do when they go home at night? Blog some more! Below is a list of some MP&F staffers who maintain their own blogs: Jennifer Brantley - Family Jennifer on the Run provides insights on family, work, cooking, running and life in general … [Read more...]

Recommended Weekend Reading

This edition of Recommended Weekend Reading has it all. So, now that spring is finally starting to feel like spring, head out to your favorite local patio and relax with this week’s best reads from across the Internet. Learn why The Tennessean’s Gail Kerr was such an important part of Nashville. Gain insight on speaking with children about catastrophic events. Investigate the business … [Read more...]

12th & Broad provides hub for creative class

  By Annakate Tefft Ross and Colby Sledge Given the notice Nashville has earned for its thriving, growing creative class, it’s particularly curious that one of the most innovative social marketing initiatives in the city comes from a century-old civic institution. 12th & Broad, a part of The Tennessean’s media umbrella, is perhaps the most direct attempt to answer the question that … [Read more...]

Vine: The best worst-used app for brands

The following is an email exchange between MP&F staff members Lacey Purcell and Colby Sledge, because we were probably going to email each other about this anyway. CS: Lacey, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around Vine. I feel like we’re really just giving life to selfies, which, along with zombies and the Boy Meets World College Years, are things we just should not be reanimating. What … [Read more...]

Taking a Campaign Approach to PR Is a Winning Recipe

By David Fox At MP&F, we often say that we take a campaign approach to communications. But what does that mean? Are we referring to political campaigns? In a word, yes. MP&F was started by a group of people who’d all worked in and around political campaigns before joining the company, and we discovered that political campaigns are amazing laboratories for incubating new communications … [Read more...]

MP&F’s Top 25 PR Questions

McNeely Pigott & Fox is celebrating 25 years in business during 2012, and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by answering the 25 questions we are most often asked about our business. Question 19: Why do I need a logo? By Mike Pigott My wife, Sharon, and I traveled to Russia earlier this year, and we can count on one of our hands the number of Russian phrases we learned. Trying to read … [Read more...]

Right or Wrong Call: NFL Replacement Referees

By Mitchell Despot   If you were the president or CEO of one of the most profitable   businesses in the world, would you disrupt your brand’s consistency by replacing a key part of your veteran workforce with entry-level employees? If you’re the NFL, that’s exactly what you would do … for three months. Last week, the NFL and NFL Referees Association came to terms on a new deal for the … [Read more...]

MP&F’s Top 25 PR Questions

McNeely Pigott & Fox is celebrating 25 years in business during 2012, and one of the ways we’re celebrating is by answering the 25 questions we are most asked about our business.  Question 9: Why would someone in my business ever need public relations? By Amanda Reinbold   When tackling this post on how public relations is important for businesses across the board, I first tried to … [Read more...]