What Your Small Business Can Learn From Community Bankers About Social Media

TN Bankers photo

Recently, I had the opportunity to address a group of community banking executives on social media best practices at the Tennessee Bankers Association biannual roundtable event. It was an engaged group of 40 or so bankers from across the state, and they asked some great questions. Following are some of the high points of our discussion. With limited time and resources, small-town banks – or any … [Read more...]

Identity Crisis at Twitter? At Least One Thing Is Certain

Twitter customer service

It’s a suggestion I often make to friends and colleagues having a customer service issue with a company: “Why don’t you tweet at them?” Since becoming active on Twitter in 2008, I’ve always thought one of Twitter’s best functions is its ability to connect regular folks with the brands or organizations in real time. As Twitter struggles through its current identity crisis, one thing remains … [Read more...]

The 15-Minute Guide to Social Media Management

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We hear it all the time: I don’t have time to keep up with social media. And it’s true: managing multiple channels, personally and professionally, can take time, especially with all the social media distractions that can crop up (i.e., articles to peruse, Buzzfeed videos to watch, cute animal memes to coo at – the list goes on and on!). Here are some tricks to streamline your efforts. 8:00 a.m. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday mp&f/d!


Even in the digital world, a first birthday is celebration-worthy. Launched one year ago today, mp&f/d was created to help position our agency for the future. Digital director Annakate Ross and MP&F partner Keith Miles looked backward and forward in this Q&A. What were the surprises in launching mp&f/d? (Keith) First, we were very pleasantly surprised at the excitement … [Read more...]

Tips for successful blogging … from MP&F’s successful bloggers

MP&F’s Sarah de Jong recently wrote about how MP&F is Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk by advising clients on blogging best practices, and hosting a number of personal blogs ourselves. That entry ginned up some great feedback on the various blogging tips it included, so we’ve taken it a bit further and transformed some of those tips into the infographic below. Look down the right-hand … [Read more...]