The Instagram Algorithm Is Here — Now What?

IG scrollerBack in March, Instagram announced that a change was coming. Soon users would be able to “benefit” from a new algorithm that reordered posts and videos by their personal interests (as determined by past interaction with channels and posts).

Facebook-owned Instagram has long utilized a chronological feed, giving brands greater likelihood of visibility on a platform with 400 million users. This news came as a blow for brands already feeling disenchanted with the constant algorithm changes and ever-increasing need to pay for visibility on Facebook. Many went into panic mode and asked (or begged) followers to turn on notifications.

The dreaded algorithm changes are arriving, and as I type, you may or may not have the new feed on your Instagram app. Here are six tried-and-true best practices that will help you guide your brand through the wave of Instagram change:

  1.    Be authentic. Post content that is true to your brand and speaks to your target audience.
  2.    Be engaging. Comment on posts from your followers, repost great follower content, and mention followers.
  3.    Consider Instagram advertising to supplement your owned strategy and expand your audience.
  4.    Monitor your engagement. Pay attention to what kind of content receives the most likes and comments, and look for ways to replicate your success.
  5.   Use hashtags wisely. Hashtags can be a great way to boost visibility, and branded hashtags can help organize content. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the hashtag water.
  6.   Don’t panic. Social networks make changes to their algorithms all the time, and everyone will adjust. What’s most important is to create great content and watch your analytics so you can adjust your strategy accordingly moving forward.

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