How To Fight Website Fatigue

Four questions to consider when contemplating a new site

How do you know when it’s time for a new website? In our years of building client websites, we’ve learned to ask a lot of questions before we embark on a site overhaul. Of course, sometimes a completely new website may be necessary. But other times, a few tweaks could be all a client needs. Consider the following:

Is your site mobile-friendly?
With Google’s announcement about its April 21 mobile-friendly algorithm change, it’s now more important than ever to have a mobile-optimized site. If you don’t, then a new template or completely new site probably is required.

Are you just tired of looking at it?
If your site is mobile-friendly, instead of starting from scratch, try freshening up your content strategy. Does your blog need a new angle? Can you update your home page imagery? Maybe your sales page needs to be reworked. Think through different ways your content can enhance your design before you head to an overhaul.

Do you need new features?
Can you add a blog or integrate your social media channels better? This could also be achieved by reskinning the home page or switching out some artwork.

What are the analytics saying?
You may think you need a new site or a new page; but if you’re generating leads and seeing conversions, your site may still be viable. If not, before undergoing any kind of refresh, make sure you know which pages have the most traffic. Focus on where your audience is gravitating, and determine who is visiting your page and how best to communicate with them. These factors can lead you to forming a new content strategy, redesigning your website or both. The great thing about paying attention to your analytics is that it can give you a pretty good roadmap for your next website journey.


  1. Elizabeth Elmore says

    We’re undergoing a website redesign and I struggle with whether the pages that get the most traffic reflect what content is most sought-after or what content is most accessible/promoted on the current site. Any thoughts there?

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