What Your Small Business Can Learn From Community Bankers About Social Media

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Recently, I had the opportunity to address a group of community banking executives on social media best practices at the Tennessee Bankers Association biannual roundtable event. It was an engaged group of 40 or so bankers from across the state, and they asked some great questions. Following are some of the high points of our discussion. With limited time and resources, small-town banks – or any … [Read more...]

The Instagram Algorithm Is Here — Now What?


Back in March, Instagram announced that a change was coming. Soon users would be able to “benefit” from a new algorithm that reordered posts and videos by their personal interests (as determined by past interaction with channels and posts). Facebook-owned Instagram has long utilized a chronological feed, giving brands greater likelihood of visibility on a platform with 400 million users. This … [Read more...]

Planning an award-winning blogger campaign


The MP&F team won top honors at the PRSA Nashville Parthenon Awards for the second consecutive year (and fourth time ever). We won Best of Show on behalf of Kirkland’s for our #Christmasland blogger outreach program. The entry received a perfect score. We couldn’t be more proud of the win, our team’s work on the campaign, and the successful partnership we’ve forged with Kirkland’s on dozens of … [Read more...]

Identity Crisis at Twitter? At Least One Thing Is Certain

Twitter customer service

It’s a suggestion I often make to friends and colleagues having a customer service issue with a company: “Why don’t you tweet at them?” Since becoming active on Twitter in 2008, I’ve always thought one of Twitter’s best functions is its ability to connect regular folks with the brands or organizations in real time. As Twitter struggles through its current identity crisis, one thing remains … [Read more...]

The 15-Minute Guide to Social Media Management

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We hear it all the time: I don’t have time to keep up with social media. And it’s true: managing multiple channels, personally and professionally, can take time, especially with all the social media distractions that can crop up (i.e., articles to peruse, Buzzfeed videos to watch, cute animal memes to coo at – the list goes on and on!). Here are some tricks to streamline your efforts. 8:00 a.m. … [Read more...]

#RoyalBabyWatch: Why Twitter Is the Most Powerful Tool in Breaking News


With the ability to publish in real time to a worldwide audience, Twitter is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to break news. Traditional media outlets like newspapers and TV often turn to Twitter to get news out immediately before developing content for their main channels. A perfect example is the highly anticipated birth of Britain’s royal baby. News of Prince George’s birth first … [Read more...]

Branch out: Go beyond LinkedIn’s company page


LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD) may be nearly 12 years old, but it’s still one of the best-kept secrets in social networking for businesses. Some have taken full advantage of its features and functions, but most haven’t. Here are four tips to get started. Create a Blog on LinkedIn. Company leadership can take advantage of LinkedIn’s long-form post feature to share thoughts and insights about a particular … [Read more...]

Get in the Game: College Football Championship Is a Twitter Opportunity Not To Be Fumbled

This is how I tweet. (Photo credit: Maddie Taylor)

By Dan Schlacter We are days away from a historic Twitter opportunity: the College Football Playoff championship game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks on Monday, January 12, at 8:30 p.m. EST on ESPN. You might not like the Bucs or the Ducks, and you might not like football. But, if you have a Twitter account, you might still care about the game. According to TV … [Read more...]

Where’s the Wine?


Secrets of a Seven-Year PR Campaign Uncorked By Alice Chapman When Tennessee voters overwhelmingly approved the sale of wine in retail food stores in 78 municipalities last month, they ended a seven-year quest to change outdated liquor laws, and made our state the 37th in the nation to give consumers an opportunity to buy wine where they shop for food. MP&F was fortunate to work … [Read more...]

Why Negative Reviews Are Actually a Good Thing for Retailers


Nobody likes to hear negative things about their company online, but the fact is that when people have negative experiences, they want to talk about it. And with so much activity happening online, especially in retail, there are lots of places for this feedback to show up. Your gut instinct might be to delete anything negative. Don’t. Negative feedback isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and … [Read more...]