A word on buzzwords

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It’s taken me a long time to ideate this piece of snackable content. After all, I was working to craft a cutting-edge, viral blog post with perfectly synergized messages aimed at exposing pain points around the pervasive use of jargon and buzzwords in the world of communications. All right, who needs a translation? That first paragraph incorporated a number of frequently used communications … [Read more...]

The Instagram Algorithm Is Here — Now What?


Back in March, Instagram announced that a change was coming. Soon users would be able to “benefit” from a new algorithm that reordered posts and videos by their personal interests (as determined by past interaction with channels and posts). Facebook-owned Instagram has long utilized a chronological feed, giving brands greater likelihood of visibility on a platform with 400 million users. This … [Read more...]

Versatility – The MP&F Secret to Happy Clients and Satisfied Employees


It’s Tuesday morning at 9:08 a.m., and the MP&F offices are buzzing with activity. Staffers are Meeting with our media buyer about a plan for in-app mobile ads. Talking to a reporter with the LA Times about a retail client’s product feature. Developing a strategy to connect with video gamers for a tech client. Talking with bloggers regarding an upcoming event in … [Read more...]