Share Our “View From 30”


There are two ways to gain perspective: Experience and Altitude. MP&F has both. Join us in 2017 as we celebrate our 30th anniversary by sharing the View From 30. “Nobody cares about your anniversary.”           - Anonymous MP&F Pessimist That pessimistic, but true, statement was one of the shiniest of the gold nuggets to come out of our initial planning sessions for MP&F’s … [Read more...]

There are bad ideas in brainstorms … And that’s good!

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You are doing yourself and your fellow creative professionals a disservice if you embrace the mantra of “There are no bad ideas in a brainstorm.” Almost every idea in a brainstorm is bad. That’s why only a few – at best – survive. Don’t go negative on me though, bro! All of these bad ideas are not a bad thing. What really is bad is ignoring the opportunity that comes along with a bad idea. … [Read more...]

MP&F Productions Presents ‘Ponger Games’

Ponger Games

  In a world where all graphic designers are exceptional pingpong players ... one … is not. But, that’s not stopping him from diving into Nashville’s Ponger Games: an underground pingpong tournament where one second you’re the paddle … and the next second, you’re the ball. Meet Greg Ellis. He’s got everything you would expect a young, big-city graphic designer to have: cool … [Read more...]

How Tomorrow’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology Can Benefit Branding Today


Everyone making branding decisions needs to keep an eye on the emerging worlds of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). These two technologies represent a potential giant leap forward in enabling brands and consumers to maintain direct, active and intuitive relationships. If you are part of the group that sees VR and AR as techie fads or gaming-only platforms, consider a few … [Read more...]

Get in the Game: College Football Championship Is a Twitter Opportunity Not To Be Fumbled

This is how I tweet. (Photo credit: Maddie Taylor)

By Dan Schlacter We are days away from a historic Twitter opportunity: the College Football Playoff championship game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Oregon Ducks on Monday, January 12, at 8:30 p.m. EST on ESPN. You might not like the Bucs or the Ducks, and you might not like football. But, if you have a Twitter account, you might still care about the game. According to TV … [Read more...]

The Next Health Care Trend: Consumer Engagement

Modern Healthcare Summit

By Dan Schlacter I recently attended Modern Healthcare’s Mobile Health Summit: Connecting Providers, Payers and Patients. As the conversation began, it quickly became clear that health care conversations – especially those about consumer-facing trends like mobile health – must include professional communicators. According to the panel, the manner in which health care is delivered has … [Read more...]

Five Things Derek Jeter Can Do To Succeed With The Player’s Tribune


By Dan Schlacter Derek Jeter is retired! Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a Red Sox fan, it’s just that with Jeter’s retirement and subsequent founding of The Player’s Tribune, I’m finally in a position to tell him a thing or two about something: communications. For those of you who missed the announcement, The Players Tribune—according to its website—will seek to be the “new media … [Read more...]

BREAKING: MP&F PR Releases Five Interns Into the Wild


By Dan Schlacter FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 8, 2014 NASHVILLE – Area public relations agency MP&F this week released five interns back into their natural habitats. Andrea Cano, Amanda Gambill, Margaret McCarthy, Nikolet Juhasz and David Gordon will begin fall semesters at Middle Tennessee State University (Cano and Gambill), Indiana University (McCarthy), Auburn University (Juhasz) and … [Read more...]

Found PR: John Heffron, winner of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” talks writing

By Dan Schlacter The life of a stand-up comic is notorious for night after night of road work, but John Heffron has come home … kind of. Heffron, winner of season two of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and season three finalist, first auditioned for the show at Zanies Nashville. He’s back for a four-day run ending Sunday, June 15, (click here for tickets) and he’s taken a few minutes to answer my … [Read more...]

Found PR: Nikki Glaser talks writing and standup comedy

By Dan Schlacter Nikki Glaser – standup comic, podcast host and TV host – started a four-day headlining run at Zanies Nashville last night. Before the show, I had a chance to ask her a few questions about writing. Catch her remaining shows tonight through Sunday (get tickets here). How important is writing for standup comedy? It depends how strong your writing is and how good your performance … [Read more...]